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LeetCode Solutions

💡 Solutions to LeetCode in C++, Java, and Python. This repository aims to provide code with good readability and consistent style over various topics and embraces new standards.

Getting Started

See the built page here: LeetCode Solutions.

Coding Style

I believe messy code is costing you. Therefore, I follow the formatter 99% of the time, but in rare situations, I format the code manually because it might look better in these cases.

Also, I don't squeeze everything in a single line just to save vertical rows since this disrespects the column limit and makes the code hard to read.

Here's a more detailed style guide.


Take a look at my nvim configuration related to auto formatting.

More Information

Hosted on Feb 23, 2019.


Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright © 2019-2022 P.-Y. Chen.

Assembled with ❤️ in New York.