35-2 Approximating the size of a maximum clique

Let $G = (V, E)$ be an undirected graph. For any $k \ge 1$, define $G^{(k)}$ to be the undirected graph $(V^{(k)}, E^{(k)})$, where $V^{(k)}$ is the set of all ordered $k$-tuples of vertices from $V$ and $E^{(k)}$ is defined so that $(v_1, v_2, \dots, v_k)$ is adjacent to $(w_1, w_2, \dots, w_k)$ if and only if for $i = 1, 2, \dots, k$, either vertex $v_i$ is adjacent to $w_i$ in $G$, or else $v_i = w_i$.

a. Prove that the size of the maximum clique in $G^{(k)}$ is equal to the $k$th power of the size of the maximum clique in $G$.

b. Argue that if there is an approximation algorithm that has a constant approximation ratio for finding a maximum-size clique, then there is a polynomial-time approximation scheme for the problem.